In Blue Consulting is run by Leslie Caton Frey, owner and operator of Custom Websites for almost twenty years. Almost every business and nonprofit she worked with needed something more than a website: they needed a logo, they needed blog content, they needed help with email marketing, they wanted to self-publish their book, they needed to get their online presence going, they didn’t know how to manage scheduling, or billing, or complicated projects… as Leslie helped business solve problems over time, she saw the need for a one-stop shop, a place where organizations could ask for help and get exactly what they need.

As the market and competition becomes more frenzied, with the promise that everyone should be able to produce their own everything if they just try hard enough, read enough articles, buy enough guides like, “10 Guaranteed Steps to Success” by Influencer of the Moment, more people are convinced they should be able to do it all themselves. And they can do some, but lose time and traction in their business as they split their attention in more and more ways.

Even in this ever-changing environment, though, things can still get done well and be relaxed but focused, friendly, manageable, efficient, and productive–if we get the right help.

Eastern Iowa is filled with talented professionals but finding the right expert for each task is a real challenge. Leslie has experience in graphic and web design, programming, communications, marketing, project management, and is an award-winning writer, but most importantly, she connects with other talented professionals to deliver the best service possible. In Blue Consulting was created to deliver solutions and sometimes that takes a talented team.

To learn more about In Blue and how we can elevate your business and make your life a whole lot easier, contact us today.